React Hooks in Action with Suspense and Concurrent Mode

Published Summer/Fall 2020

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Build stylish, slick, and speedy-to-load user interfaces in React without writing custom classes. React Hooks are a new category of functions that help you to manage state, lifecycle and side effects within functional components. React Hooks in Action teaches you to use pre-built hooks like useState, useReducer and useEffect, and to build your own hooks. Your code will be more reusable, require less boilerplate, and you’ll instantly be a more effective React developer.

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About the Technology

React Hooks promise to make React programmers even more productive. Hooks are a collection of pre-built and custom functions that give you a simpler API for working with key React functionalities. Hooks cleanly encapsulate side effects, make it easier to reuse components between projects, and result in less code overall. These new features represent a fundamental evolution in how the React library functions, so even experienced React developers will want to get up to speed with Hooks.

About the Book

React Hooks in Action shows you how to use Hooks to make your codebase simpler and more reusable, and your applications faster and more responsive. You’ll build a resource booking example application chapter by chapter, learning how to develop components with local, shared, and application states. You’ll discover different approaches to data fetching, including using Concurrent Mode and Suspense to improve user experience, and explore third party hooks in the evolving React ecosystem.

What's Inside


Introducing the useState hook.

Step cycle diagram for useState