Chapter 11 - Scope: hiding information

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11.01 Declare, assign and use a variable gujacum
11.02 Accessing a variable from within a function zojida
11.03 A tiny quiz nubipi
11.04 A variable hidden from the console bobilu
11.05 The variable is visible within the function raluqu
11.06 Global and local variables riconi
11.07 A counter yagese
11.08 Hiding the counter variable fuwuvi
11.09 Multiple counters sicoce
11.10 A counter constructor yidomap
11.11 Improving the quiz app tupoto
11.12 Hiding the questions and answers qahedu
11.13 The Player constructor dacedu
11.14 Hiding the Player implementation fuyaca
11.15 The Place constructor kavane
11.16 Hiding place info in the constructor riviga
11.17 Lots of global variables in the game dateqe
11.18 Letting users interact with the game via an interface object yuporu