Chapter 8 - Arrays: putting data into lists

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ListingTitleJS Bin Code
8.01 Creating arrays cevodu
8.02 Using existing objects in an array gizulu
8.03 Accessing array elements qemufe
8.04 Using a variable as an index veyexa
8.05 Passing an array to a function bewebi
8.06 Manipulating arrays with push, pop and join faqabu
8.07 Iterating over an array with forEach sokosi
8.08 Calling forEach with an inline function yapecu
8.09 Using the arguments passed by forEach suvegi
8.10 Using the arguments passed by forEach - compact pagahe
8.11 Finding the total shopping bill zizixu
8.12 Displaying a multiple choice question lobahu
8.13 Displaying player items mecude