Chapter 7 - Object arguments: functions working with objects

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7.01 Passing a function an object as an argument tafopo
7.02 A function that adds properties to an object qevodu
7.03 A function to create planets coyeta
7.04 Moving a point in 2D baxuvi
7.05 Using Math.min and Math.max moyoti
7.06 Using Math.min and Math.max to constrain an argument qiziyo
7.07 Converting a string to upper case jizaqu
7.08 Finding substrings mesisi
7.09 Finding a character with indexOf bidabi
7.10 Organizing functions as object properties kayono
7.11 Displaying player information using objects beqabe

Extras: Using recent language features

ListingTitleJS Bin Code
7.12 Destructuring an object argument fojozoc
7.13 Shorthand properties and argument destructuring fihihon
7.14 Renaming properties when object destructuring micixur
7.15 Shorthand object methods and padding nisokav