Chapter 3 - Objects: a way to group data

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ListingTitleJS Bin Code
3.01 Using variables to represent a book fucuxah
3.02 Using prefixes to tell book variables apart qowagi
3.03 A book as an object ruruko
3.04 Creating an empty object kaqatu
3.05 An object with a single property robupi
3.06 Using a variable as a property value bafige
3.07 Objects with multiple properties bawiqev
3.08 Using dot notation to access property values funiyu
3.09 Concatenating string properties yoweti
3.10 Using dot notation to update a property mulimi
3.11 Using a property in a calculation cuboko
3.12 A blog post jiculu
3.13 A calendar event viroho
3.14 Location for a weather app diguhe
3.15 A question and answer for a quiz app damoto
3.16 A player object qelene

Extras: Using recent language features

An object can only be assigned once to a variable declared with const. However, the object itself can be updated.

ListingTitleJS Bin Code
3.17 Using dot notation in templates sedehut
3.18 Assigning properties to variables jefeyid
3.19 Assigning variables to matching properties rivufo
3.20 Updating objects assigned to constants labidah