Chapter 19 - Templates: filling placeholders with data

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ListingTitleJS Bin Code
19.01 Fitness app news viyuyo
19.02 Replacing one string with another jeyohu
19.03 Chaining calls to replace rebugu
19.04 Calling replace once for each property quroha
19.05 Using a while loop to count quroga
19.06 Using a while loop with replace cabaju
19.07 A function to fill templates with data bazika
19.08 Building a list using a template hilecu
19.09 The templates module pugase
19.10 A news page data module fupiki
A modular news page vemufa
19.13 The Crypt with templates yapiyic
19.14 A message view using templates jojeyo
19.15 A player view using templates suyona
19.16 A place view with templates yoquna