Chapter 4 - Functions: code-on-demand

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ListingTitleJS Bin Code
4.01 Displaying an object’s properties on the console besudi
4.02 Displaying information from similar objects gewegi
4.03 Adding tax to find the total cost kawocu
4.04 A simple function definition and assignment tehixo
4.05 Two more function definitions and assignments xezani
4.06 Calling the sayHello function three times vozuxa
4.07 Using the findTotal function to display a calculation hefuwa
4.08 Displaying a menu cujozo
4.09 Using a function to display object properties toqopo
4.10 Calling the showMovieInfo function menebu
4.11 Using the same function with multiple objects mavutu
4.12 Using functions to add and display tax raqiri
4.13 Updating our display function to add a blank line cijini
4.14 A function to display player information mafade

Extras: Using recent language features

ListingTitleJS Bin Code
4.15 Using fat arrow notation bolefid
4.16 Displaying a menu using a template string leqofu
4.17 A function to display player information tosofap