Chapter 2 - Variables: storing data in your programs

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2.01 Declaring a variable potazo
2.02 Assigning a value to a variable yuvoju
2.03 Using a variable huvime
2.04 Variables vary jasafa
2.05 Assigning text to variables hobiqo
2.06 Declaring and assigning in two steps vegoja
2.07 Declaring and assigning in one step dorane
2.08 Using a variable’s current value to set its new value kijuce
2.09 Valid and invalid variable names biqawu

Extras: Using recent language features

Use let when you may want to assign new values to a variable. Use const if you will only assign the variable a value once.

ListingTitleJS Bin
2.10 Declaring and assigning a variable with let lebisup
2.11 Declaring and assigning constants with const tosixe
2.12 Using template literals when logging variables yenuxuh